10 Oct


We are a royal Priesthood church After our Lord and Saviour.

We believe in Salvation by Grace alone by faith alone. 

We are not following a levitical order for it  is inferior Melkizedek order. Law Inferior to Grace. Law is downgrading to a fall from grace. 

Salvation is in Jesus alone by faith alone.

Our High  Priest is seated on the right side of  God. 

 Human representative is seated with God and hus name is above all names and is to be worshipped . We are co heirs with him as he is so are we.

We follow Abraham's Worship, by Faith and we tithe to Christ. We embrace ourselves as gentiles called to follow God . 

We are of the seed as joint heirs children of Abraham and blessed accordingly.

. The law is shadow and so a simulator of Grace to people who had no indwelling but it is inspired word of God  illustrations of the methods, thoughts and ways of God.  

The levitical order Kills because it pronounces for sin death; the wages of sin is death nut the gift of God is eternal life.

The blood of Amimals is a shadow it has no essence as the blood of Jesus.

Work of observing the law is not so Important than to believe the one sent from God. That is the real work.

All believers are Royals and priests in Christ because of the Spirit Of God the indwelling them, adoption and Christ in us.

The old Testament is the word of God and is Spiritual for its purpose of building the Soul. Don't reject it. It has along time to stay with us. But don't replace the new Testament sacrifice of Jesus with the animal blood pr the high priest not the heaven as the Holy of holiest with the past order of worship. There is a new covenant now.

The reason we of the law is not the word but the new Covenant and New order.

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